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These are actually the funniest things ever! Perfect for Xmas and a must have for EVERYONE!!!
Dominic G

These are the muts-nuts. I have now bought my second set having had the last set robbed by my brother-in-law. Such nostalgia for us 30 - 40 yr olds. The best is when someone playing has actually had one of the cars. 10/10 is my vote!
Jonathan P

Fantastically funny set of cards with the added bonus of offending Smart car owners. Definite recommendation.
M Hunt

Outrageously funny card game! Hilarious photos and facts on each card! VW Beetle-97% Surface Area Rust, Cost to achieve MOT-£2750, CRAP Factor-75%! Doubles up as a regular pack of cards-Handy!


I left these cards lying around, when my grandad came over and he was in stitches nearly had a heart attack. top product.
Patrick B

I have played these for ages and never got bored, I laughed till I almost died at the raleigh parked car chaser, it looks exactly like my bike!
Liz R

An absolutely brilliant idea, especially for those that hold a certain nostalgia for star wars top trumps and the like. This appeals to all ages and is also fantastic for breaking the ice and starting random conversations... Much better than the card games of rainy summer holidays and trips to Grandma's!!! I know of a pack in a hostel in South America- and it's still going strong.
Sarah F

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