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A celebration of automotive ineptitude with 52 of the worlds most unloved vehicular offspring. Instead of the collection of cool and classic cars adorning the cards with their super-charged features and scores, Craptrumps is all about the really rubbish cars we all actually drive in the real world.

Side-splittingly funny, Craptrumps features the deeply irrelevant, highly irregular and downright stupid qualities of some shockingly crap cars.

Well here we go again, armed to the teeth with another eclectic ensemble of utter automotive tat. If vehicular self esteem is running on fumes then look no further as clearly there are untold masses with less aspirations, these are guaranteed to make even the lowly banger owner feel an overwhelming sense of road-going superiority.

When a solid oak Lamborghini CounTrash flexing it's sparse muscles against a state of the art Korean toilet go kart (sporting a pink seat) runs into the Italian tank division in full retreat, you just know all is not well on automotive planet Earth.

Crap Cars series 2, fully back compatible with series 1 for a right fistful of howlers... just weaker, crapper and more offensive

Crappy Christmas is a whacky alternative celebration of all the things that define our Christmases but are never openly documented in traditional texts.

As families descend on each other's territory, spirits (both kinds) are high, danger levels higher, uncles get inebriated, parents burn the dinner, the dog nearly dies of sprout poisoning and gran still believes that a pound is a lot of money.

But hey, this is what Christmas is all about, this is the modern day magic! This is a Crappy Christmas!

From the wheel to the washing machine, man has been beavering away on ideas and inventions since the dawn of time. Unfortunately they are not always very good.

Until now! “Craptrumps - Crap Inventions” is man's last ditch attempt at something new, something funny, something different. Is this man’s last hope? No, not really but it’s damn good fun!

From the “Autobrazilian” Razor to the Traffic Warden and Botox “Crap Inventions” swan dives into a warped world of bizarre and largely pointless creations we have to endure everyday.

Unbelievably Crap Cars; worth no more than £100, full vehicle livery, 4 days, 1500 miles of inhospitable terrain & very little hope.... The first of the Craptrumps - Street Safari banger rallies was a resounding success, if you didn't expect to reach the finish line. Now see these wheeled sheds in full technicolour glory.

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